Position available for Interior Designer

Job category:Spatial design and Architectural design
Essential requirements for the position are:

  • At least 3 years of previous experience in planning, and designing,
  • At least 3 years of previous experience in construction management

  • Accepting primary applications from new graduates for the

    financial year of 2020

  • Person who is interested in design, interior and fashionable lifestyle
  • Person who is learning at Department of architecture, Technical industrial design, Space design, Design information, Living environment design.
    "Open desk" is available. Please contact to Misako Kosaka on 088-653-5460.
  • Applications: If the above position appeals to you, please send us a resume, a career history,
and a portfolio sample via email or post.
    We will contact you to arrange an interview.

  • A list published in a periodical

    SHINKENCHIKU  in year/issue

    Contact information

    4-193 Nakatsuyama Hachiman-cho Tokushima-city Tokushima 7708071 Japan
    Contact personnel: Misako Kosaka
    e-mail: kosakamisako★celia.jp (★ → @)


    [応募職種] 空間デザイン
    [応募条件] 企画デザイン設計業務経験3年以上
    [応募条件]  建築系の施工管理の経験3年以上

    [応募職種] 建築設計
    [応募条件] 企画デザイン設計業務経験3年以上
    [応募条件]  建築系の施工管理の経験3年以上

    2020新年度 新卒定期採用エントリーを受け付けております

    インダストリアル インテリア デザイン 芸術大学





    〒770-8071 徳島県徳島市八万町中津山4-193
    担当:小坂 美佐子
    e-mail: kosakamisako★celia.jp (★ → @)